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James and Janet were married from 1859-1881

James and Janet were married Dec.30,1859, in the Parish of Dreghorn, but the ceremony was at CroftInn. This is a picture of the Church they belonged to. Witnesses were John Robb and Thomas Dunlop. They had a large family, and spent their married life in the Ayrshire area between Irvine and Kilmarnock, the distance between those two towns is only 3 miles. The communities they lived in were Bankhead and Springside. Then Janet died of TB. on Sunday March 6,1881 age 42. They are probably buried in one of two cemeteries, but I haven't gotten documentation yet.
They lived in row houses,called miner's rows, sorta like early condo's.

Their children:

Agnes Miller Nairn b.11/2/1860 in Bankhead

Janet b.1/5/1863 in Bankhead

Elizabeth Nisbet b, 4/13/1865 in Springside

John b.3/26/1867 in Springside

William b.3/16/1869 in Bankhead

James b.7/29/1871 in Bankhead

Allan McDonald b. 11/25/1873 in Bankhead

Thomas b.11/7/1875 in Bankhead

Andrew b. 3/8/1877 in Bankhead

Margaret b.4/9/1878 in Bankhead

the three youngest, must have died as infants, they are not in the 1879 photo or the 1881 census.
Elizabeth, either died or married btween 1879 and 1881.But I think she married a Mr.Allan.

James remarried on June 28,1882 Annie Thomson-Bowie, the widow of George Bowie. She had children by George, but not by James. Annie was six years older and was probably a big help with raising the young children of Janet. Annie's grandson Andrew Bowie, later married into another branch of the Lindsays.
Annie died of cancer on Oct.19,1908. James died the following month of kidney failure, on Nov.29,1908 age 67.
After Annie's death, James left Corsehill Row, and moved in with daughter Agnes Lindsay-Guthrie at 10 Bonnyton Rd. in Kilmarnock.

The last row house, James lived in was Corsehill Row. It was built in 1881, and condemed around 1915.
It was built of yellow brick, the floors were brick tiles.
Each apartment was two rooms, larger families rent two apts. so they then had four. Each apt. had a 16'x14' kitchen and the second room was 10'x9'. Corsehill had 48 two apts. There was an out-house for every three apts. and a washing house for every six[for washing clothes] a water closet, was what they called a bath house[oe for every three apts. They used coal for heat.
It was owned by Messrs.A.Kenneth & Sons, coalmasters.



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This information is from the census of Scotland 1861 & 1881
and from the births records of Scotland, also marriage record of James and Janet.
And Janet's death record.