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The John & Clara Allen-Lindsay Family


John had come to America from Scotland and settled in DuBois,Pa. He came with his uncle, Allan Lindsay.
Clara came from England and settled with her family in DuBois in 1881.
Such a trip by ship, must have been quite an adventure.
They met married, he 24 and she 17, and raised a large family. I call The Lindsay Thirteen.
The following is the article from the news-paper.

"DuBois Doings"
On Christmas Eve, two hearts cast themselves before the shrine of Hymen and are now beating in happy unison.
John Lindsay, a well known younger sprinter of the first ward, and Clara, the daughter of Wm.Allen Sr. have decided to travel lifes pathway together. To seek for it's joys and pleasures, and endevor to trap them in their fleeting fantasies.
Rev.M.S.Hemenway tied the nuptional knot, in the presence of a large circle of aquaintances and relatives. After the ceremony all sat down to a sumptuous wedding supper. The young couple were the recipients of a large number of costly and servicable presents.
John appears to have been more fortunate today, than in the race last July.
Others extend hearty congratulations.
[the mentionof sprinter and race, John liked to run]

The Lindsay # 13

Elizabeth Ann..11/02/1892- 2/29/1976 age 83
James Charles..03/01/1894- 4/13/1949 age 55
William Allen..03/09/1896- 5/05/1983 age 86
Janet Boyle....09/09/1898- soon 102
John Alfred....07/09/1900- 7/12/1992 age 92
Agnes Mabel....04/15/1902- 5/18/1902 age 33 days
Twilight Belle.08/11,1903- soon 97
Robert Edgar...07/26/1905- 1/29/1973 age 68
Clara Edna.......09/08/1907- soon 93
Luther Lionel..07/31/1909- 1991/2 age 92
Emma Josehine..08/01/1911- turned 89
Wallace Wilson.08/25/1913- soon 87
Della Electa.....08/26/1916- soon 84


John & Clara in the 1940's,
after over 50 yrs.


John supported his family by working for the R>R> as an engineer. His family in Scotland were probably very proud.
Alistair Lindsay, told me an engineer in Scotland, was the considered the elite labour.

John Lindsay 1890.jpg

John Lindsay, 1890
age 23



1923, John, Liz, Jim, Bill, Janet,Twila,
Edna, Jo',Della, Clara & John,Wallace,Luther,Bob


John wrote Feb.14,1943:

" How I Met My Valentine "

T'was years ago I started out to meet my Valentine,
and I met her with bonnie blue eyes,
the prettiest I had ever seen.
Her name was Clara Allen,
and red hair she did have.
Ever since that day we met,
I've counted her my better half.
We always got along good together.
Although many ups and downs we've had,
we've had jolly days, that later made us glad.
When the children would toddle around and play,
their wee little hearts filled with glee.
It brings back dear old memories,
from now, we look back and see.
We raised a family of twelve,six boys and six girls.
Sometimes it was nick and tuck,
to try to keep them well, God being our spiritual guide,
we could go down and pray, asking him to provide.
And protect us from day to day.
So now it's been 52 years ago, since I met my Valentine,
and she is still sweet to me as she was, that day in time.
I hope and pray, we have many more years.
All that I have is thine, as she is the best that I could ever have, and she is still my Valentine.

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