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#7 Twilight Belle Lindsay


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Twilight Belle Lindsay "Twila" Aug.11,1903-

Twila was also born in DuBois but later settled in Ohio.
She married 2/20/1923 Walter Kimbell Hack 7/1/1901-8/26/1963.
She and Walter 1948. She re-married 9/29/1961 Michael Lucaric, 9/27/1908-10/4/1981.
Twila had six children, she just celebrated her 97th b-day.
She has blue/gray eyes and a quick and witty lady.


1.Walter Ellwood 10/16/1925-11/30/1994
marr.1946 June Hunnington div.1949
marr.8/6/1949 Vicky DeNicholas div.1974
marr. 3rd Betty Sleet-Bentley
children by Vicky:
>>>>Martha m. Delbert [div]
.......Dominic Joseph 4/3/1978-
>>>>Walter Jr. m.8/9/69 Martha Weekley
.......Brian Michael 7/9/1970-
.......Lisa Marie 1/11/1975-
>>>>Vicky Ann m.7/28/73 Gerald
.......Tracy Lynn 1/28/76-
.......Michelle Lee 3/21/77-
>>>>Clara Marie m.3/22/75 Edward RossII
.......Edward III 5/9/76-
.......Christopher Michael 9/13/78
>>>>John Edward m.& div.Richelle Duffy[no child]
.......m.9/26/1980 Denise Loppy
.......Tiffant Marie 12/20/1983

2.Evelyn Jane m.7/30/1949 Joseph Frketich 2/16/21

>>>>Michael 8/6/1950-
>>>>Susan Marie 12/16/1951-4/20/1969
>>>>Stephen 10/27/1954-

3.John Edward --June 24,1999
....m. 1950 Concetta Marie Infante 7/19/1929-12/6/1970
....she is buried at Todd Cem. in Youngstown,Oh.
....John m. 10/16/1971 Judy Holmes

4.Martha Elizabeth m.Nov.27,1950 Wm.Paul Cupp [huge snow storm that day] this yr. will be 50th ann.
>>>> Mary Jane 7/24/1952-
>>>> Joseph James 6/15/1953-
>>>> Carol Jean 6/9/1954-
>>>> Marsha Ann 6/9/1955-
>>>> Catherine 4/30/1957-May 4,1957
>>>> Elaine Louise 7/7/1958-
>>>> Jeanette Veronica 7/11/1959-
>>>> William Paul 10/19/1960-
>>>> Lorraine Marie 1/9/1962-
>>>> Richard Michael 8/6/1964-
>>>> James Christopher 2/20/1966-
>>>> Susan Marie 3/15/1968-

5. Amy Grace m.7/28/1961Michael J.Mirich Sr2/25/1932-
>>>>Elizabeth Ann m.7/13/1977 Thomas
>>>>Cynthia AnnMarie m.John , m.12/20/1993 Lee
_____John A.III 4/18/1978
_____Angela Rose 4/12/1982
>>>>Paul Andrew m. Kathy , m. Linda
by Kathy
by Linda
_____Buddy 6/18/ m. Melissa
_____Harmony 3/17/
_____Rebecca 7/16/
_____Tina 8/30/
>>>>Michael Joseph Jr. m. Lisa , m. Kelli
by Lisa
by Kelli

6. William Harry m. 6/18/1955 Rose Cupps [div.1973]
..marr. 2nd Shirley
by Rose
>>>>Jean Marie 4/3/1956
>>>>Wm.Harry 1/27/1957
>>>>Matthew 6/20/1958
>>>>Thomas Stephen 9/22/1959
>>>>Thresa 11/20/1962
>>>>Christine 6/2/1964
>>>>Rose Marie 9/21/1967

Twila 1911.jpg

Twila 1911, age 8


with brothers John & Bill


Twila in Pink, 1986 at Della's 50th Anni.
Lloyd & Della, Jo, Twila, Wallace, Edna