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#5 John Alfred Lindsay


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John Alfred Lindsay July 9,1900-July 12,1992

John married Florence Work and had three sons. Flo died at the young age of 27,in 1932. John remarried, but had no more children.
He is buried in Ohio.


John Alfred 1922- m. Virginia

Thomas Arthur 1924-1984 m. Janet
......Scott 1952- m. Markey
---------April 1981-
......Darryl 1957-
......Susan 1959-

Donald Richard 1927-1984 m. Maxine
......Barbara 1952- m. George
---------G.Tatum 1979-
---------Matthew Lindsay 1983-
......Deborah 1955- m. Mike
---------Shaun Rachel 1981-
......Patricia 1957-


abt. yr. after they lost their mother,
probably taken at Springfield Home for Boys.

John Lindsay1910.jpg

John 1910

John FloBoys.jpg

Flo and John [1928]

Clara and John1988.jpg

Clara & John, 1988

Post script: I didn't know my grt.uncle John, until around 1985. He was a very comical kinda guy,once he said, "I'm almost 89, I'd be 90, but I was sick a year. Tho' through his jokes, he was one of the saddest people I ever met. He had many regrets about his his life, mainly about his three sons. When Flo died, he was a young man that had a bit of a problem with drinking, maybe if Flo would have lived, he would have outgrown his wildness, but she didn't. He told me, he thought he was doing good by the boys, putting them in a home. He thought they would be well taken care of. [I guess adults just don't know, what those places can be like.] The sad thing is, John didn't change his life, in time to be there for his sons. But I remember the sad old man, that was trying to get pictures of his sons, to splice together with one of himself, to make a family portrait. He was close, but he never got that portrait finished.