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A Lindsay Branch
Line of Chiefs


Declaration, 1320
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Line of Chiefs
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early Allen PHOTOS
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Chiefs of Lindsay and Earls of Crawford

in brackets [ ] is the relation ship to previous chief.

1'chief, Walter deLindsay
[bro]2'chf.William deLindsay
[son]3'chf.Walter deLindsay
[son]4'chf.William deLindsay
5'chf.William deLindsay
6'chf.David deLindsay -1249 m.
7'chf.David deLindsay -1264 m. Margaret
8'chf.Alexander Lindsay 12/28/1254-1308 m.[ ]Stewart
9'chf.David Lindsay m.1324 Mary of Abernathy
10'chf.James Lindsay 1327-1357 m. Egidia Stewart
11'chf.James Lindsay 1348-1397 m. Margaret Keith
[James had no sons, so chiefdom went the son of bro.Alex

[cousin]1'Earl Crawford David 1362-1407 m.Prin' Katherine Stewart

[son]2'Earl Alexander Lindsay 1388-1439 m.Marjory

[son]3'Earl David Lindsay 1408-1446 m.Margaret Ogilvey

[son]4'Earl Alexander -1454 m. Margaret Dunbar

[son]5'Earl David 1440-1495 m. Eliz' Hamilton, m.Margt.Carmichael

[son]6'Earl John Lindsay -1513 m.1493 Mariota Hume

[uncle]7'Earl Alexander -1517 m. Isobel Campbell of Ardinglas

[son]8'Earl David Lindsay -1542 m. Elizabeth Hay

[cousin]9'Earl David Lindsay -1558 m.Janet Gray-1549, Catherine Campbell

[cousin]10'Earl David Lindsay 1527-1574 m.1546 Margaret Beaton

[son]11'Earl David -1607 m.1572 Lilias Drummond, m.1582 Grizel Stewart of Atholl

[son]12'Earl David Lindsay -1620 m. Jean Kerr

[uncle]13'Earl Henry Lindsay -1622 m.Helen Chisolm, m.1600 Margt.Shaw

[son]14'Earl George Lindsay -1633 m.1621 Elizabeth Sinclair

[bro.]15'Earl Alexander Lindsay -1639

[bro.]16'Earl Ludovic Lindsay -1651 m.Margt.Graham ofMentieth

[cousin]17'Earl John Lindsay -1678 m. Margt.Hamilton

[son]18'EarlWilliam Lindsay -1698 m.1670 Mary Johnstone, m.Henrietta Seton

[son]19'Earl John Lindsay 1673-1713 m. Amelia Stewart -1711

[son]20'EarlJohn Lindsay 1702-1749 m. Jean Murray of Atholl -1747

[cousin]21'Earl George Lindsay -1781 m.

[son]22'Earl George Lindsay -1808

[cousin]23'Earl Alexander 1752- m.1780 Elizabeth Dalrymple

[son]24'Earl James Lindsay 1783-1869 m.Margt. Pennington -1850

[son]25'Earl Alexander Lindsay 1812-1880 m.1846 Margt.Lindsay of Balcarres

[son]26'Earl James Ludovic 1847- m.1869 Emily F.Wilbraham

[son]27'Earl David Alex'Lindsay 1871-1940 m.1900 Constance L.Pelly

[son]28'Earl David Lindsay -1975 m.

[son]29'Earl Robert A.Lindsay m. Ruth Meyer Betchler

the future chief would be his son Anthony b.1951

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