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A Lindsay Branch
early Allen PHOTOS


Declaration, 1320
Early deLindsay History
Clan Lindsay Chief
Line of Chiefs
Family Members List Page
song, Flower of Scotland
Our Branch History
John/Janet Allen-Lindsay
Boyle Family
James/Janet Boyle-Lindsay
early Lindsay PHOTOS
Allen Family
early Allen PHOTOS
John/Clara and # 13
#1 Elizabeth Ann Lindsay
#2 James Charles Lindsay
#3 William Allen Lindsay
#4 Janet Boyle Lindsay
#5 John Alfred Lindsay
#6 Agnes Mabel Lindsay
#7 Twilight Belle Lindsay
#8 Robert Edgar Lindsay
#9 Clara Edna Lindsay
#10 Luther Lionel Lindsay
#11 Emma Josephine Lindsay
#12 Wallace Wilson Lindsay
#13 Della Electa Lindsay
Newer Photos
Writings of John Lindsay
Family Reunion
Research and Links
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does anyone have dates, stories, more photos or what ever happen to's????

Clara Allen.jpg

Clara Allen age 12 in 1886

Overdorf picnic.jpg

standing=2nd fr.left Alf Allen, 4th Charles Allen
sitting =3rd fr.left Emma, Eliz'Boody-Allen, Clara, Mabel.



Emma Allen-McKelvey
Ellwood [son] & Wm.[hus.]


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