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A Lindsay Branch
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Early deLindsay History
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Corrections to the 1849 version:

In 1849 the Earl of Crawford wrote the 3 volume set of
"The Lives of the Lindsays"
I understand it is very accurate, after the point where
the Lindsay brothers went to Scotland,
but his account of the history before that, was mistaken.
Our now chief, had a booklet of correction printed,in 1998. The research done by Beyrl Platts
Most books on clans or Lindsays, have print our beginnings, based on the 1849 version. The following is a brief out take from the corrections. Showing that our line descends from Gilbert brother of Baldwin/Balderic, not his son.

It is easy to understand why the European research is so difficult, the names were changed frequently, surnames weren't as we know them, they were place names or occupational, or title. Sons in the same family could all have different surnames.
Or a man could be known by one name or several at the same time.

Most booklets write the Lindsay's were Normans, actually they were Flemish. The comte of Alost[now called Aalst]
lay in southern Brabant, close to the frontier with Hainaut and deep in the forest of LaCharbonniere, and ancient dark great forest, a portion still survives today, called the beautiful Forest of Soignes.

Rolf of Alost m. Gisela of Luxemburg


1.Baldwin I of Alost d.1082

2.Ralf deLimesi b.1040- m. Hawisa
[Chamberlin to Ct.of Flanders]

3.Gilbert deGhent deLindsay marr.Alice deMontfort
Gilbert d.1095,[ Alice inherited Monfort sur Risle] [our ancestors]


children of Gilbert & Alice [Gilberto & Alix]

1.Gilbert [no children]
2.Hugh deGhent,[known as Count Hugh IV de Monfort surRisle].
3.Walter deGhent deLindsay died 1139 [our ancestor]
4.Robert [Chancellor to Kg.Stephen]
5.Henry [later surname Erskine]
6.Ralph [marr. grd. of Cospatick] he died 1153
7.Emma [marr. Alan dePercy]

The two sons by Walter's first wife,[a dau. of Walter the Fleming and sis. of Walter the English] went to Scotland.
Walter deLindsay of Ercildun[now Earlston] may have taken his family back to Flanders, there is no more record of him after 1120.
So William is our Scottish ancestor, he married [?]

known children of William deLindsay:
1.Walter deLindsay of Lamberton
2.David deLindsay of Crawford m. his English cousin Alienora deLimesi.
3.William deLindsay of Luffness


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Research by Beryl Platts, of the Doomsday Book, Flemish and English peerage and early Scottish charters, and more.