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A Lindsay Branch
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early Allen PHOTOS
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We know John Lindsay and his wife Janet Allan married in Irvine, Scotland [Ayrshire, meaning the county of Ayr].
They married Feb.17,1839. Their son James lived and raised his family in Ayrshire,Scotland. He died in Kilmarnock,at the home of his eldest daughter Agnes Lindsay-Guthrie.
The town of Dundonald is where James's wife Janet Boyle was born. The three towns of Irvine, Dundonald and Kilmarnock, basically form a triangle, they are each about three miles apart. This generation of our, Lindsays stayed pretty within this triangle, in the places of Bankhead, Springside and Corsehill Row, those villages are located off the main road between Kilmarnock and Irvine. They were Presbyterian, belonging to the Church of Scotland and the Parish of Dreghorn. James like his father, worked as a coal-miner [in Scotland they say coal-pits]. On the 1881 census, young John age 14, is listed as a coal miner.

Young James came to America with his uncle Allan Lindsay in 1887/8. They settled in Pa. John in DuBois, and Uncle Allan and Aunt Maggie settled in what was called Allegheny,Pa. [I haven't found death dates on Allan & Maggie
or their children, yet.]


The Lindsay have a colorful history, and many noteable characters in it's history. Tho' we may like to think we are direct lines from some of those brave heroes of history, chances are our branch decends from maybe not quite such a galliant fellow, Lindsay, the Earl of Crawford. He settled in the Ayrshire area, he and his wife had no male children, but he had many out of wed-lock, and it was common to carry the father's name even if not of legal birth. We haven't found direct documentation yet.


Lindsay crest-badge "Endure Forte"
Endure with Strength, Standfast


The Lindsay Tartan. Actually there are two main tartans, Lindsay acient and the more popular modern. This isn't the best picture of the modern,this photo has too much of a houndstooth pattern, but gives you the idea.
McDonald restuarnts in Britain have taken the Lindsay tartan for their uniform. Also workers at the RR station.

Scottish surnames
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