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A few of the writings from his scrap-book. The scrap-book is with one of the grandchildren of his son John A.Lindsay.

"In rememberance of my mother, mother died at 6:15 pm. Sunday Mar.6,1881 and was buried Mar.9,1881.
written Mar.6,1942

Though years has passed and time rolls on
it seems but yesterday, I looked upon,
the day when God called her home,
leaving a family of seven to mourn.
I was a boy of thirteen at that time,
still I remember that dear little mother of mine.
The lessons she taught us,
to always be true,
asking God for all things,
and be humble in all that we do.
and be humble in all that we do.

written 1920
As I sit here alone and think of the hills and dales...
and the travels I had in my boyhood days,
it brings back old memories and a tear is in ma eye,
and ma heart is in bonnie Scotland, ma native land of thee.

written Dec.25,1924
Keep your eye on the star that shines in the East,
this beautiful Chritmas morn.
It shows us glad tidings of joy and love,
for Christ our King whom was born.
May our hearts be filled with the thoughts of love,
and help those that are in need.
Our reward in heaven, we sure shall recieve,
when we go to our home above.


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