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A Lindsay Branch
Declaration, 1320


Declaration, 1320
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early Allen PHOTOS
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#2 James Charles Lindsay
#3 William Allen Lindsay
#4 Janet Boyle Lindsay
#5 John Alfred Lindsay
#6 Agnes Mabel Lindsay
#7 Twilight Belle Lindsay
#8 Robert Edgar Lindsay
#9 Clara Edna Lindsay
#10 Luther Lionel Lindsay
#11 Emma Josephine Lindsay
#12 Wallace Wilson Lindsay
#13 Della Electa Lindsay
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The Declaration of Arbroath, written 1320


" For so long as one man remains alive,
we shall never, under any condition,
submit to the domination of the English.

It is truth, not for glory, nor riches,
nor honours, that we are fighting, but
for freedom, for that alone which no honest
man gives up, but with life itself."

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