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A Lindsay Branch
Research and Links


Declaration, 1320
Early deLindsay History
Clan Lindsay Chief
Line of Chiefs
Family Members List Page
song, Flower of Scotland
Our Branch History
John/Janet Allen-Lindsay
Boyle Family
James/Janet Boyle-Lindsay
early Lindsay PHOTOS
Allen Family
early Allen PHOTOS
John/Clara and # 13
#1 Elizabeth Ann Lindsay
#2 James Charles Lindsay
#3 William Allen Lindsay
#4 Janet Boyle Lindsay
#5 John Alfred Lindsay
#6 Agnes Mabel Lindsay
#7 Twilight Belle Lindsay
#8 Robert Edgar Lindsay
#9 Clara Edna Lindsay
#10 Luther Lionel Lindsay
#11 Emma Josephine Lindsay
#12 Wallace Wilson Lindsay
#13 Della Electa Lindsay
Newer Photos
Writings of John Lindsay
Family Reunion
Research and Links
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Researching family history is fun and rewarding.

My research started late. Due to divorce, I never knew my Lindsay family. Then my father's sister,Shirley told me she thought one of the daughters had bought the original Lindsay home. She gave me the names of my great aunts.

One Thanksgiving morning I kept thinking how to figure out which one. Then by luck, the first one I tried was Johnson.
I asked the operator for any Johnson's on McLane Ave.

I dialed, and there she was, Aunt Della. It was a very good Thanksgiving Day.

Below are some of my favorite web-sites.
Just click the title, and it should connect you.

Family Search


LDS Curch Records

Roots Web

Reading old Penmanship

Research Tips

My tip is :
Ask questions, pay attention to stories, always carry a note-book and pen.
Put names and dates on the back of photos!!
And never give up.