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As my younger sister, Priscilla, would say "Before you can have a Re-union, you must first have a Union" Well, the first week-end in July 2000, we did. My brother Joseph and Priscilla and I, flew to Alabama, to meet our Aunt and Uncle we never knew about, until this past May. We were so nervous, what would we talk about? would they like us?
Well, we walked into a world of love and acceptance. They are so sweet and so wonderful.
They told us about our mother, our grandparents and etc. Took us to the cemeteries and the school our mother went to.
And best of all, I think they really liked us. No, I know they did. How sad, our mother gave up, such nice people.
It's kinda funny, on the phone, uncle Lloyd said he bought a huge watermelon for us....well, Priscilla and I are not too fond of watermelon...but I swear, that was the greatest watermelon in the world, and we ate all of our giant slices.
Also, we have a new group of cousins, children of our mothers two sisters. Gosh, how great it would have been, to know them during our growing up years...but we have many years ahead.

new found Aunt & Uncle

Family at a party; Actual size=240 pixels wide

New found cousins

Family at a barbecue; Actual size=240 pixels wide